WordPress Photo Challenge – Harmony

Dogger, Fisher and German BightMagpies 004

One for sorrow, two for joy.

Things are rarely silent in the garden.  That prevailing wind coming from the south-west decides how peaceful it is. Sometimes the trees are observing a one minute’s silence while at others, they are doing a good imitation of a Mexican wave. .

Black headed gulls come for breakfast
Black-headed gulls come for breakfast

The noisiest visitors stay only as long as it takes to wolf down the offering on the bird table. They might be delivered at any time of the day, or not at all, but within seconds, the word has mysteriously passed over the airwaves, and there they are.



Far more peaceful are these, the pigeons and doves that congregate on the rooftop and clear up any stray morsels of seed that happen to miss the bird feeders.  Castigated by gardeners they are nevertheless peaceful creatures, happy to congregate with the chattering jackdaws and magpies.

All in all, they bring a soothing sense of harmony to the garden, which is why we no longer have one of these.

Ruby 003

Rest in Peace, Ruby. Jan Toms,



3 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge – Harmony

  1. What a lovely post, although I cannot share your love of pigeons who make such a noise in the trees around me and scare away all the little birds, nor do I care for gulls who scoff the food I leave out for same little birds. I confess to putting spikes on my balcony rail to keep them away which will probably make you hate me!

  2. I almost got to like pigeons – almost! I suppose you know they migrated over from the Baltics in about the 1930’s, we’d never heard of the little buggers until then. They make breeding into an Olympic sport, the more food the more nests – they’re at it like knives! Get rid of the bird table – please!

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