Wordless Wednesday – Birds That Pop in for Breakfast

Birds Popping in for Breakfast 001

One of a pair of wood pigeons, rarely seen apart, taking a rest high up in the willow tree


Birds Popping in for Breakfast 003

Further down, a jackdaw watches out for any signs of activity

Birds Popping in for Breakfast 007


This pair spend most of their time together.

Birds Popping in for Breakfast 005

He might be a mongrel but he is a welcome and tame visitor

Black headed gulls come for breakfast
The noisiest neighbours – black headed gulls, but they only stay as long as there is anything on the bird table


A ubiquitous pigeon and a now much rarer collar dove.


Orville the herring gull  – has been visiting for some years, occasionally with a sulky teenager in tow.

wildlife 010 robin

Bob also remains year after year.

Brian, Portsmouth, Ashlake Lane 004

Pheasant has an air of being permanently bemused as if he has arrived by accident. By the time he gets round to eating the birdseed, most of it has already gone.


Magpies 004

Two for joy.


A greenfinch, a rare and welcome sight.

Happily, there are many other residents to brighten our days – busy bluetits unable to make up their minds which nesting box to use, two pairs of dunnocks flitting around the neighbourhood, wrens nesting in the outhouse, occasional rooks and an even more occasional crow.  The hen blackbird is braver than her mate and hops indoors in search of currants, while once in a while, we are rewarded with the arrival of goldfinches, long-tailed tits, yellow wagtails, redstarts.

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Birds That Pop in for Breakfast

  1. What a wealth of birdlife you have in your garden, I envy you. You have all those lovely feathered creatures plus your shipping forecast list of fish!

    1. We used to have frogs and toads, newts and hedgehogs but they all seem to have vanished. There is an occasional slow worm and last year, a grass snake.

  2. What a lovely garden you must have with so much birdsong – they are all mating now.

    We have a pheasant which almost like an alarm clock taps on our patio windows at about 7.30 demanding his daily feed.

    At least it gets us up in the morning!

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