Screen Writing

I have no illusions that I am a screenwriter – but there is no harm in trying.  I never imagined being a comedy  writer but somehow that keeps happening.

As I start the final week of the Future Learn screenwriting course, it is suggested that one takes a protagonist and analyses his character, first recording his actions but starting  from the end  This might be an interestng exercise when applied to conventional short stories and novels.

The following is based on the life of Robert Hammond, Parliamentary Soldier and Governorof the Isle of Wight.

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Carisbrooke Castle


Dies from a fever in Ireland aged 33.(1654)

Accepts an appointment to sort out Irish taxes from Protector, Oliver Cromwell.

Dismissed from the army and from his governorship

Refuses to obey orders until he has them in writing, even though he knows what they will be

Obeys an order to release the king from prison even though he believes it is wrong

Writes complaining letters to his bosses asking to be relieved of his role

Tries to pacify a demanding and perfidious king

His peace shatteed when King Charles turns up looking for sanctuary

Posted to a backwater to recuperate from a hard fought war

Makes a decision to resign from the army (1647)

CavalryBooks by Jan Toms


Rigid. Brave in battle. Always obeys orders. Honest. Not quite up to the demands of his job. A jobsworth. Nice but Dull.


2 thoughts on “Screen Writing

  1. Like all things you attempt Jan, I’m sure screenwriting will come easily to you! At least you are trying. Me? I’m just fiddling around wondering why I can’t find time to write a few paragraphs of my blog.

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