Re-visiting the Newtown Oak

Recently I felt compelled to re-visit this care-worn oak tree, standing in a National Trust meadow.newtown-oak-2nd-visit-007

Having first approached it from the north, I was amazed to discover the deep fissure along its southern side.  It is from this direction that comes the prevailing wind, south-westerly, off the Atlantic.  It has taken its toll of this old gentleman but he hangs on.


As one can see, his back is bent, his soft belly exposed to the ravages of insects, fungus and the weather, but still he produces a few leaves.


I looked in vain for an acorn, but none were to be found. Perhaps it was a few weeks too early but already the leaves were falling.

Winter approaches and soon he will face another assault, something he has lived through for perhaps two or three hundred times.

I stroked the old man’s gnarled bark, told him I often think of him and wish

Brambles encroach, a hole at the base offers shelter
Brambles encroach, a hole at the base offers shelter

him well.



3 thoughts on “Re-visiting the Newtown Oak

  1. What a lovely old tree, looks a bit like I feel first thing in the morning but I haven’t got the tree’s excuse of living for 300 or 400 years. Your images are really good and make the text spring to life. It’s a perfect tree for children to play around, lots of hideyholes in which to squirrel away secret messages. Did you play there as a child perhaps?

    1. No, I only discovered it this year but somehow it really affected me. Think I would like my ashes scattered in its hollow – feed it for another season, perhaps?

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